The Kiss — has much significant history, and is truly one of the most human symbols of affection ever to be presented throughout history, and culture, and is one of the most symbolic rituals known across humankind.

A kiss is more than just a brush of the lips, and can actually have plenty of traditional significance — that some people may not understand, so to help clear things up about why kissing can mean different things to different people — here is a little lesson on some kissing history and styles, that we will continually dissect into new segments as we get deeper into the specific meanings, methods, and styles of the kiss, and why it is not always sexual, as you will see some Sailors who have been at sea for long periods of time kiss the shores of a beach upon landing, to signify the end of a long journey away from land.

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Kissing has a diverse history, and is one of the most elemental aspects of affection that is learned from an early age — since most babies are immediately kissed upon birth, and often kissed by friends and relatives — so why is kissing so important anyway?

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Let’s see what Katy Thinks — which is what inspired a whole new lesbian revolution, including a total reinforcement of why men love women, and constantly dream of kissing them.

As we know, Kissing varies by cultures, and the Manchu, according to the East Asia edition on Kissing suggests that even though Kissing was considered sexual, getting fellatio was not, so some mothers performed fellatio on their male babies (See below).

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Kissing in Films has been one of the most symbolic events in film history — as a means to celebrate love upon the phrase:  “You May Now Kiss The Bride” – to just showing lusty or romantic feelings in a Kiss, there is always some form of kissing that can take you by surprise.  Later in the month, we will be posting some variations on the style and method of Kissing, and be showcasing some famous kisses throughout history!

Kissing Beyond Romance

Among Royalty, kissing the hand is a form of respect, and among some societies and organizations, kissing a ring is a symbol of respect.  As seen above right, Kissing the Blarney Stone in Ireland is a symbol of good luck, and kissing a four-leaf clover is also a sign of good luck.

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Some princesses had to take chances with their kisses, emphasizing that beauty and looks should not always be the reason for a kiss.  Take the traditional Folk Tale, THE FROG PRINCE, where the Princess has to kiss a frog and it turns into a handsome prince!!  While somewhat ironic, the motif presented is worth noting, and is a popular traditional folk tale.

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