#vsangels #highlights – Selena and Gomez Special Outfits

Hey Everyone,

All the angels were beaming after the show, making things look totally awesome and exciting, with most of the nervousness having dissipated once the show was over. Having such large-scale events really puts the girls under pressure, especially with all the walks of fame criss-crossing — with Selena and Kendall there, as well as all the VS Supermodels, the show was a total success!

Checj out this amateur video of #selenagomez

Can you believe how sexy this dress is? I mean — a zipper on the side that runs the length of the dress? Are you kidding? Is Selena begging for a warddrobe malfunction? Seriously!

Oh well, if her boobs did pop out, there would have been plenty of lingerie on hand for her to get suited up in.

Or how about the Fantasy Bra with over 2 MILN bucks of bling. Only a handful of women will wear this bra and live to talk about it! 🙂 Must be amazing!

The success will only be realized as time goes on and people begin to see some of these amazing highlights, so please take a minute and retweet these amazing highlights of these beautiful women.

Check out these elvlish leafy outfits:

Check out these highlights!

Any favorites? Check out Alessandria!Screen shot 2015-11-11 at 11.39.41 PM

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