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Hey Everyone? How about this?

Winter Collection - Charms Style

Screen shot 2015-11-20 at 9.05.53 PM

Do you have your wish list created for your special event like a wedding or Christmas? Let Pandora help you create your wishlist from everything from charms to rings, and a whole custom program to develop your sizes.

#pandora @pandora Christmas Treats!

The registration process is extremely straightforward and simple, and once inside you can easily get your wishlist customized based on the suggested products. For instance, I selected that I was interested in Rocks and Rings and these items were suggested for me. Having an extra $50 is a lot easier to find than $500, so I was glad that these more moderately priced gems appeared.

Earrings Wishlist

Or, how about these dazzling rings at an affordable price?

{Pandora, while traditionally a name reserved for a fable about the famous princess who had the power of desire and trapped it into a box, which was later named Pandora’s Box, was a curse that was bestowed upon Humanity, but since Pandora had the power of Hope left within her she was able to break Zeus’s curse on humanity for disobeying the rules about curiousity and not accepting things as they are in the routine. However, Pandora was eager to learn and this story sort of resembles the story of eve when they eat from the tree of knowledge, also banishing humanity into the curse of original sin.

Pandora's Box Mimics the Story of Original Sin

Notice how the box looks like a modern day makeup item.

Nowadays this myth translates onto the Runway where PAndora is slaying it.
Pandora SLays IT1


Screen shot 2015-11-20 at 9.19.27 PM

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