Rockstar Fame Games – The Short Story

So here’s the quicky!

The Kardashians are going into even greater poses, with Chloe recently doing the poolside nudes, and Kim planning a nude playboy mix (rumor has it she is getting toned up after the baby to get into a nude photocontest).

Anyway, the Kardashians are starting to compete like Rockstars, and Taylor is continuing to dominate with her sexy group of girls (it helps that half her posse are lingerie models), and then there is Miley and Paris who I am lumping into the same category because they are blondes and have so much fun!!!

Screen shot 2015-12-20 at 4.30.01 PM

That puts three famous groups into the Rockstar Fame Games Lineup! This time we are leaving Katy Perry out because she is on holidays, and some of the more mature women and moms are also on holidays, so there we have — just Taylors Posse VS. The Kardashians VS. Paris and Miley

Who is going to win? Since Miley and Paris are not even going to consider joining forces, they will just have to keep repping on their own and will likely continue to dominate in 2016.

The VS Angels and Taylor have enough steam to ride well into next year without ever having to leave the house, but with the recent video from Karlie, could it be that Taylor has other things on her mind that performing? The sexy-looking she-lover was doing a mockup of the the entrance for the girls, but does this not resemble a wedding scenario?

Is Taylor’s Head In The CLouds? LOL. Looks like she is planning a bridal exhibition??? Who wouldn’t love to see these girls in all dressed up though? Or, how about Cara simply strumming the guitar while the girls have a blast.

Taylor has been known to bring her posse on stage with her, but this was Klossy’s first time on the set, however, no one believes that since Taylor always brings her friends out with her.

How is it going to be when Taylor ties the knot with Calvin Harris, the DJ who “gets all the girls?” Rumours are flying about the two who have come up with a master plan on getting married. Will Taylor pop out some babies?

Who knows how that will play out, but it should be an enthralling 2016 for these superstars!

The Kardashians have added to their family numbers with Kim’s birth of a new baby boy, whom they named Saint, and how amazing are these junior clothes by Paris! Could these be on all the wishlists for the moms this year?

Screen shot 2015-12-20 at 4.28.03 PM

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