+18 Only – Angela Consumer Testing (Australia) (XX-RATED) #robotica #kisserspace

HEre is a consumer testing report from Angela in Australia who also appears to be smitten with products!

Any of you have any favorites?

Some guys are going for the new Gilette’s, and look out for them toothbrushes~!!! Some of the vibrating ones have been known to make you cum!!

Some of these products test fine, but when mixed with catalyst chemicals, you can become adddicted to sex.
Some of these products have chemicals that are highly addictive.

Does anyone have any favorites that make them orgasm quickly, or that they are addicted to? The creative team has already found that most of the modern toothpastes, the teeth whiteners, soaps, toothbrushes, cosmetics, and hand sanitizers can all have variations, depending on the individual, so we would like to hear your horror stories, fetishes, or just plain masturbation toys.

Have you tried any of your products while masturbating with your smart phone? Or taking a picture of one of your sex toys and then watching porn? You may want to try this and see if your phone is capable of finding you selective materials, and whether it can interact with your toys!!

Screen shot 2015-12-20 at 11.19.25 PM

Prepare for the future of sex toys, and even better, some manufacturers are already looking for models for real-life clone models to be used as sex toys, so get them nudes, and start doing some photoshoots to get your sex doll twin created now!

Is the next phase of sex going to be mitigated by the use of chemicals so that we become sexually dependent on the machines to provide us with sex? Let’s hope not, but there may be some hidden attraction to these new sex bots that many lonesome lovers may not know about, and it may already be started with the interactions that go on between your phone, its content, and the products you use on a daily basis. For most people, it is obvious that the machines are now full-fledged into our lives, so having sex with them shouldn’t be that bad, right?

Especially if there is some mutual benefit?

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