Snowboard Video From 1993 – Coming Down The Mountain #fridaythrowback

NOw that you can see how amazing the old-school shredding was, you will realize how amazing these new and aspiring and empowering women are to the future of fashion and style — especially in their talented acting skills, and amazing passion for film and humanity, these women are changing the face of future. Congratulations to Emma and Cara for being so amazing.


Screen shot 2016-01-08 at 2.51.34 PM

And how about Emma Watson coming back full force?>

Emma continues to battle the gender politics and racism of identity in her new campaigns. What a positive role model, and should be president or queen of hogwarts forever.

And how about Cara!! NEw movie!!! #valerian — so she is going to be starring in a new movie since all the success she achieved from Paper Towns!!

Angel eyed Cara is just going to be making this movie a stunner with them brows!

Yaoo! Congratulations on this new achievement Cara!

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