Cara Delevingne goes to the #whitehouse – #albumoftheyear

Cara recently took a trip to the Whitehouse and was given a tour of some of the various chambers and rooms, and during her visit she managed to give her fans a taste of her flair for fun by entertaining them with some pictures in various areas of the Whitehouse. The Whitehouse is the National Government’s main headquarters in the USA, which makes Cara quite an influential and powerful leader. Was she running for President? Has there ever been a female President before? We are not sure who the next president will be, but we know that Cara’s photos are perhaps some of the best we have ever seen.

This is one of our all-time favorite photos of Cara!

Cara visits the Whitehouse
Cara visits the Whitehouse

Can you believe she is such an amazing dancer? What beautiful legs you have Cara!

Screen shot 2016-01-21 at 5.03.19 PM

Can you believe that she wears a pair of Skate Shoes to the Whitehouse?

Screen shot 2016-01-21 at 5.04.06 PM

Or, how about that skimpy little overcoat / dress — is she even wearing anything underneath? What a tease babe!

Screen shot 2016-01-21 at 5.05.38 PM

We love you Cara, and can’t stop thinking about how amazing you are, and love that you shared your photos.

Cara also had her new trailer for her movie come out recently, so you can see the suicide squad trailer now!

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