Happy #LeapDay #MermaidMonday

Wow! It’s a leap year! That gives most people one more day to slave away at their jobs, but today we are taking some time to give ourselves some extra credit and focusing on how to make the perfect cup of coffee!

We plan on leaping ahead with a strong dose of caffiene to clear our minds and set new goals as part of our #leapahead plan.

Google Doodle

For starters, we hope to begin by sharing this little clip from Lizzy, who has some great tips on how to store, grind, and brew your coffee:

When you are done with thin lizzy, you should also get a headstart on your TAXES!!! That’s right, even bums, students, supermodels, strippers — no one can hide from the Tax Man!! Get your pens, papers, pencils, and calculators out and head into your favorite site —
Revenue Canada
Internal Revenue Service

Or go to your local tax agency and get those numbers started!

Once you are done with your taxes, take a moment and indulge in some Mermaid / Merman Porn as part of the #MermaidMonday groove!

Here is a spoof of the Little Mermaid Film with closed captioning by a funny editor!

This video expounds on the mermaid theme, but offers some fresh insights.

Now you can look like a real mermaid! Check out Alli and her mermaid inspired makeup routine that she did for Halloween!

And to keep our Russian Viewers happy, we have included some of the Russian cartoons!

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