New #Ghostbusters Trailer / Tara Rice – If You Were My Monster (Panorama Album)

Today we have the new Ghostbusters trailer, which for anyone who has seen the original ghostbusters with flying school buses and vacuum cleaners, the ghosts, and the ghosbusters, are mos definitely more futuristic in this epic classic remake.

In keeping with our recent musical binge, we are also showcasing a new-ish artist that was brought forth by RSG, one of our local DJs that stopped by. Not a bad tune by a female artist, and some great lyrics.

Screen shot 2016-03-06 at 4.00.03 PM


If You Were My Monster

A many headed, many armed beast
Stood outside your door
Like a mangled mix of Cerberus,
Kraken and hydra tales of yore

The heads, they yelled and screamed
With some arms, they raised a fire
Feeling righteous behind their revulsion
Feeling protected under their spire

With werewolf pack mentality
They beat the walls of your home
But if you were my monster,
I’d unlock the door and we’d roam

If you were my monster

Whether horn or fang
Or hoof or tail
Dark shape shifter
Beyond the pale,
Stingers, scales,
Claws or wings
I’d see them as
Strange and beautiful things…

A strange and unkempt beast, they say
And if so, blessed be
For how much do you differ from they?
How much do you differ from me?

A parade of bizarre entities
Indulged in their own intrigue
Feeding their god, not the inner beast
When the creature is hungry

The unfamiliar gives them fear,
Petty judgment, deafened ears
But if you were my monster
I would listen, dear.

If you were my monster

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