Leo DiCaprio #Titanic 2 to raise Global Warming Awareness

In some parts of the world, Spring is just around the corner, with less than two weeks to go, many people are starting to get the Spring Itch. In places where the weather starts to warm up, it is nice to go and work with some of Nature’s elements such as rocks, trees, and other grasses, that get thawed out from the Winter’s cold.

In other parts of the world, the blazes of summer are starting to cool, and more wintry weather is coming, in, which makes for changes of seasons more drastic and changeable, with less distinction about what part of the hemisphere is where. For example, having summer in Australia may be easier to have more quickly in Canada if the weather changes and the conditions get warm, or if Arctic snow clouds decide to travel in different directions then the global weather patterns could change more frequently, and be less predictable than traditional patterning.

While these new trends are more sporadic, some common patterns are emerging such are global increased temperature, and new highs on the thermogauge, so perhaps our glaciers in the north will have a tough time competing against the sunlight? It is anyone’s guess how the global warming fiasco is taking place, or if Leo is going to another Titanic movie to bring the point home!

If the weather temperature keeps increasing then maybe Leo won’t be so hesitant to jump in the warm ocean to cool off the extremes!

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