Danielle Mansutti Relationship Advice Video

If you need some advice about your relationship, Danielle has some good words of wisdom.

Danielle Mansutti lives in Australia and is one of the sweetest counsellors we know. In fact, she is one of the reasons why we flew to Australia, so we could catch up on some of the entertainment industry and party options going on in Sydney since Ice Cube and the Straight Outta Compton crew left the city in chaos. When we got to Sydney, it was pretty easy to find a party, but we wanted to throw our own party, marquee-style, so we ended up getting some action from google and found these two sites:
Sydney Party Hire

The place where we got all our balloons, streamers, Dj, and audio equipment rentals was from the Sydney Party Hire group, and we managed to have a ton of fun rocking from these guys. In fact, we spent three days just partying with all the cool supplies we got from Sydney Party Hire and were able to extend our rented items for an extra day at a discount price.

and Marquee Hire Sydney We got all our staging equipment, tables and chairs, linens, and BBQ equipment from the Sydney Marquee group, and were able to keep our party going straight for three days. We even began charge admission to some of our events because it was getting pricy having to buy all the food for the BBQ, but we managed to make a little extra cash and used it to cover the rental expenses from the Marquee rentals.

It was a hell of a trip, and we love Danielle Mansutti for inspiring us to go there, and forget about our relationships and just enjoy the free-loving spirit of Sydney for a few unbridled days. After those few days of partying in Sydney were over, we came back to America and are now back to work in the our LA offices. Oh, but we will be back, and we will continue to watch Danielle on Youtube!

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