#danibeauty #daniellemansutti gets a new line!

In case you have not been able to keep up to speed on Danielle Mansutti, the Australian Vlogger Beauty Queen, she recently launched her own line after getting a million subscribers on Youtube!

Dani Beauty Product Launch

Congratulations Dani! And furthermore, congrats to all the Zoe lovers who made Vlogging and the #bbloggers in the UK who created the bueaty blogging craze, and inspired this site!

We are a long way from a million, but we know that if Danielle can do it, and become rich and famous, then we can too! But first, we want to check in with Dani and see how she is doing stuffing all the makeup packages! She recently posted on the Snapchat some of the footage and preparation that is going on behind the scenes to launch the brand and it looks like a ton of work.

Danielle DaniBeauty

Have to love Dani’s amazing hat — maybe she will get her own sun hat line in the future!!

If so, send us some products and we will review them! xoxo

Screen shot 2016-04-03 at 9.06.42 PM

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