#summerhaul2016 and Plumpify Review

As we continue our Summer 2016 Haul Marathon, we are continually impressed by all the amazing and talented artists and vloggers out there who are taking advantage of some good online deals and making some huge hauls. We are sharing in their enthusiasm, and hope to continue to present more 2016 Fashion Hauls as we get closer to the official first day of Summer July 20th! It is also a full moon, and will remain light all day and night in many parts of the world. How cool eh?

Without no more waiting, here are a couple fashion haul videos to give you a couple samples of what’s in, and what’s hot this summer. Stay tuned for more updates, and make sure to slap that subscribe button. Oh ya! We also have this sweet Plumpify review from Cover Girl so check that out too.

Amy Macedo does Plumpify Cover Girl
Amy Macedo does Plumpify Cover Girl

Gana Khalana vlogger does a haul review

And Kelly Strack also has some amazing hauls!

Last but not least Brianna Stanko gives a quick haul:

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