Condoms: 450,000 Please.

Olympics break records in many ways, but the RIO games is going to breaking in the games a new way this year, with a nice condom giveaway so everyone can get lubed and grooved this Olympics. The CBC has more:

Screen shot 2016-07-26 at 11.45.56 PM

OMG that is a lot of effing!! Can anyone put this to the fact that latino people make people more sexfully daring? Who knows? But this sure looks like it will be one way to prevent diseases and expose all the athletes to a range of new chemicals and synthetics that may be one way to coverup doping or introduce some other latex induced reactions, but whatever the case, the best practice is abstinence. 🙂

If you use one of these condoms, please let us know if you turn into a Greek God Olympian, or if they are just run of the mill rubbers.

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