Canadian Superbabes- #366daysoflooks

While these two beauties are not necessarily models by trade, they definitely look good, and are proud Canadians. In fact, one is a famous News and Television reporter, and the other is a professional tennis player, but these two ladies share more than just their canadian pride; they are both stunningly fashionable models with extremely good fashion sense and looks to boot.

Let’s take Genie Bouchard, professional tennis player, who shares her outfits with her fans on Instagram. Now it is obvious no-one is telling her how to dress in her candid shots, and even the most distateful outfits seem to actually look good on her. Does her fashion sense not convey that this superbabe has more talent in dressing herself than swinging a racket? As always, Genie is one of our superbabe faves.

Genie Pulls Off A Wide Range of Looks – making her one of the most versatile models:





We are so glad that Genie continues to share her savvy sense of cutting edge fashion with her fans to prove she has a life outside tennis, and want her to know that she has tons of skills and not to worry about the haters, as well as to not worry about her looks so much since she is naturally beautiful

THEN THERE IS JESSI! WoW! She is one of the contestants for the 366 days of looks, and she must be bedazzled after having so many outfits, but we must know, do you have a favourite outfit Jessi out of all the ones you styled?

Jessi made her famous debut working for MTV aftershow spokesperson for The Hills when Heidi and Spencer were getting down and dirty, you know Jessi had all the dirt all the time, and this flawless babe is now back in Canada pulling off some of the most stylish looks with some of the most sophisticated designers at her back.







Now it seems like Genie may not have the labels and designers giving her product to model when she is off the tennis court, and her down to earth sense of fashion with affordable clothes is truly something worth keeping an eye on!

There is actually a contest going on in Canada called the 366 Days of Looks put on by the LouLou magazine, and you can see more Canadian superbabes at the contest site!

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