#KISSERSPACE #Longsleeve #TrueEmo shirt

The #KISSERSPACE column is now going to put forward an Request for Proposal for the development and production of its first Long Sleeve T-Shirt. The Long Sleeve T-Shirt will be called “True Emo” and feature the #KISSERSPACE Hashtag across the chest. The RFP will be open until December 31, 2016.

Interested candidates can submit their pricing for the following order:

How much will it cost to print:

100 Long Sleeve Black Cotton with #KISSERSPACE hashtag across the chest.

Please submit your pricing for 100 Long Sleeve T-Shirts to kisserspace@gmail.com

This is good news for shareholders of KISS stock, since we are now moving forward with the #KISSERSPACE Fashion Line test run, beginning with this RFP. It is anticipated that the Long Sleeve TrueEmo Shirts will start production in Edmonton, Canada, and be distributed among some small retail shops before tendering larger audiences.

Are you interested in having our product in your store? Email kisserspace@gmail.com to get your #KISSERSPACE merchandise and swag for your store today!

Start making good profits by selling #KISSERSPACE stickers and shirts at your store!

The long sleeve shirts are great to keep your body warm and dry, and perfect for snuggling into, and can be work as an undershirt, as well as an overshirt, or nightie, depending on your size. Since the first run will be mostly large stock, females will enjoy this shirt as a
nightie style, and guys as an athletic performance shirt.


We look forward to providing some new insights into the brand, and hope this will build equity in the KISS stock, and remember, everyone is free to buy the KISS stock and get a piece of ownership in the brand.

To cover the costs of financing the fashion launch, some of the shares may be used as collateral with private or public investors to help achieve the production goals. Interested tenders or investors can learn more about the business arrangements by sending an expression of interest by commenting below.

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