#13DaysofTaylor – #stockingstuffers

Taylor has her Stocking Stuffers ready along with the #1989 memorabilia.

Taylor has outdone herself again, and this time she has lowered her prices to prove that she has a heart. The superhero actress supermodel goddess is now offering a discount – check out those socks! Only 19.99 with extra bling and swag. Get your own Taylor kit, or give it to your lover as a stocking stuffer and share in the fun!


What a hilarious video!  So many different dance move combinations.  How hard must it be to dance that good?


Taylor keeps on top of her game using these sweet deals.

Launching a new stocking stuffer this year Taylor?


Surprised she didnt call them Swift Socks or Taylor13 socks.

Stay tuned for more stocking stuffers coming, as well as a preview of our new long sleeve for our shortlist of up and coming models! We have made some contact with manufacturers, and hope to have some sample T0Shirts for Taylor and her Friends to try on.



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