#BritneyArmy #BestFanArmy #iHeartAwards

Time to get Britney a chance at winning an iHeartAward, so all the fans are gearing up and getting their pens and papers, hashtags, and social media accounts buzzing for Britney, the queen mom who used to be one of those pop-stars that everyone thought would wash-out, but after years of dedication, creative production, and talent, Britney is one of those stars that doesn’t burn out.

Not only is Britney one of the most dedicated and persevering stars in the industry, she is also a mom, dance instructor, model, and queen.

Like, how about these photos of Britney modelling this new dress?



And to top it all off, the Britney Army is just getting started as Britney’s boys and friends went hunting over the holidays: Check out the video:


And now Britney is just one star that has been producing more than just kids, with albums popping like crazy, and her most recent release of the Slumber song.

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