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Are you interested in getting some inspiration and motivation from one of the most positive and warm-hearted inspirations on Instagram? Then you should be sure to check out Lollipopfitness where Fitness ‘N Food Made Fun come life.

Lieke Jansen is a fitness guru who focuses on healthy eating, working out, and maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle. For those struggling to get inspiration, or are not happy with their looks, or body, then Lieke is just the person to get in touch with. Her inspirational posts offer new insights on healthy eating, and maintaining a positive outlook to self improvement, health, and fitness. Simply take a look at her feed and see how amazing she is!









Make sure to go to follow Lieke for the best in inspiration and motivation on living a healthy lifestyle.

And lastly, this inspirational picture is a breath of fresh air, showing Lieke with hair done posing in front of a giant Yucca-style plant with Hibiscus flowers that match her sports top, showing a definite sense of fresh style and beauty.


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