Dinomess, And Animals That Eat Humams

As everyone knows, the wild side of exploring nature can be hardcore, and even if you are an experienced survivalist, adventuruer, hunter, or guide, you have to remember that there is the omnipresent danger of possible wild animals looking to eat you. This is a very real possibility in many parts of the world, and some essential precautions should be taken to avoid being eaten.


Here are some tips you can use to sirvive in hostile environments where cougars, tigers, bears, wolverines, snakes, alligators, wolves, hyenas, lions, sharks, piranhas, gila monsters, and other hungry animals may choose you as a meal.


Some of the most ferocious animals that reigned the earth and had some of the largest teeth and jaws is the Tyrannasaurus Rex, which was once one of the most vicious and genetically superior predators that ever walked the earth. To celebrate the carnage that the T-Rex brought upon the world during it’s period of reign, the creators of Dino-Mess are bringing back a dinosaur game that will be sure to send a couple generations into mass extinction.





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