How-To Beater Drives, Car Rallies

Ever take an old beater on a road trip? The experience can be scary, exciting, and downright fun if you have a little knack for cars, engines, and a lust for adventure. While not everyone is geared up for a drive across America, Europe, Russia, or Canada, making small trips in a shitbox ride can also be quite eventful. The possibilities for a flat tire, blowout, or you name it, the possibilities are endless. So how to do a beater rally without getting beatdown?

1. Knowledge of Safety
2. Good support network
3. Some extra cash
4. The essential survival tools
5. Backup plan if shit goes wrong

Well, now you know how to do it, let’s take a look at some of these videos on how crazy people are in real life!

Here are some other vids to get you pumped for summer rallies and racing, and remember to always be safe and never drink and drive.

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