#kisserspace app development proposed

As part of the development of the #kisserspace fashion line and online magazine brand, the kissng mobile app has been furthered along from concept to prototype phase, with vendors engaged in a selection process. KISS shareholders are currently expected to receive approximately 50% of app profits, with the remaining being paid into a possible AppX revenue pool if the app is accepted, or 100% to KISS shareholders depending on business development.


The current budget for the sony play store #kisserspace app is approximately $400, which includes the price of marketing and development, so cheap vendors are being looked at to engage in a share deal so that profit-sharing can be realized. Currently over 50% of the KISS stock is held by the development team, which is currently on the Alcurex Market for sale for developers who are interested in staking in our App program and receiving profits.

We will be looking at the selection of models as add-ons for the app, where pricing will be worked out with each model before endorsing any particular images for the app.

We hope the app will provide an online kissing experience and add value to the #kisserspace brand and project development of the KISS stock.

email robert.chernish@gmail.com if you are interested in trading into some of these shares, or register at the Alcurex.com exchange for free.

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