#MissUSA 2017 Kara McCoullough Crowned

Well, it’s official, there is a new Miss USA! After the Fox Live show where 51 models took the stage to strut their stuff and share their stories, a new queen was crowned as Miss USA. The winner was from the D.C. and works as a nuclear scientist. So that just goes to show that beauty does come with brains, and this hot mama is a perfect example!

And here is the crowning moment!

And the Miss USA Swimsuit Competition clip:

There were lots of models of different backgrounds and the top 10 showcased a good representation of beauty in America, with many of the women speaking about the importance of education and health being just as important as looking good. Many of the women also remained very active in sports, advocates for education, and had good jobs or high career aspirations. What a beautiful show!


Watch the Full Show Here:

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