Katy Perry #Witness and 2017 Tour

Katy Perry is stunning her fans with more than just her short hair and strange outfits. She just came forward that she has a new album coming out called “Witness” and she will be hitting the road on tour shortly after the release. After keeping quiet over the past year, Katy has been working in her studio and secretly developing some strange new antics to put forward for her fans.

Katy is one of the most famour pop-stars in the 21st century, and has been taking a little time out of the spotlight, something Taylor is now doing, which is good for the two artists, who were producing at the same time and getting muddled into the same genre, so this should add some clarity to an ever-increasing twisted genre of pop, which may come as a surprise for listeners who love Katy and all her hits.

Now here is the most recent release from Ellen’s Tube!

Does anyone else think she has Miley hair here? 🙂 OR, is it more like Ellen’s?

Wow, this is gonna be good!

In other news, Katy and Paris recently hooked up for a Party to get down on her new album, and Paris shared a picture on her Insta feed:

Katy also shared in the fun and posted some pics of her own at Paris’s place:

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