#Sexiest Women Alive – Hailey Baldwin?

After taking a look at some of the hottest asian women around the world, we are now looking at the sexiest women alive site to see if there view hold any water. How about the fans decide?

To start our investigation, we looked to Esquire, where we noticed that some work had already been done on the Sexiest Women Alive investigation, and it is there we decided to show some effort.

While Esquire is always a top-notch bet in sexy and classy, to get to the real sexy and hot slut factor we went to MAXIM, where sex meets flesh.

Take a look at their most recent crowning of Haily Baldwin, a sexy diva blonde who knows how to make it look good time after time.

Here are some of the names that hit the nominees list that Hailey managed to beat for the sexiest woman alive position recently nominated by Maxim:

Aol.com writes:

“The prestigious honor is well-deserved for Stephen Baldwin’s daughter, who has had a pretty incredible past year. Hailey, who began modeling at 17 years old, has graced the pages of world-famous magazines like Elle and Vogue and has been the face of numerous brands, like Guess. She can now add this Maxim honor to her already impressive resume!

“I know, it’s really underwhelming,” Baldwin joked while discussing the honor with Maxim.

She also calls superstars like Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid some of her best friends, often sharing photos with them for her 10 million Instagram followers to see, so it’s safe to say the blonde beauty is living the life we all wish we had.”

Margot Robbie has been turning heads lately with her nice dresses and exquisite hair styles:

And how about Scarlett Johansson?

Here are some other hot and sexy looks that receive some honourable mentions!

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