Fruits of the World: Peruvian Fruteria

Some of the freshest fruit can be found even in tiny market stalls in Peru. For those who enjoy a fruity palette, and an affordable tasting session of a variety of fruits, then Peru is the place to be. You can find a teaser of fruits at some of the small shops across Peru, while some of the larger Fruiteria’s have a wider selection, and once you have tried them all, you can see if you have a flavour favorite.

To give you an introduction to some of these fruits, we go into a little bit of detail about the spelling of these fruits, and try and say them a few times before you go to Peru so you can distinguish the sound of the words when you are the market, to make it easier to get you hands on a tasty fruit.

Here are some helpful hints and tips to guide you through your Peruvian Fruteria and Fruit-tasting experience!

To learn more, head over here:

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