Nicole Kidman Update

Everyone loves Nicole Kidman, so we are going to give a little update on her latest, especially after the years she spent with Tom Cruise, and more recently marrying Keith Urban, and having a baby, Nicole has been plenty busy.

Recently Nicole Kidman turned 50! and to think that she would take this lightly would be naieve, in fact Nicole Kidman recently announced that she wants to see the Jeff Horn fight rematch in Sydney, where she currently resides.

The Daily writes:

“‘You gotta do the fight in Sydney!’: Hollywood star Nicole Kidman demands world champ Jeff Horn’s rematch against Manny Pacquiao be held in her hometown
Jeff Horn and Manny Pacquiao are said to firming dates for their boxing rematch
Nicole Kidman has urged promoter Bob Arum to have the fight in Sydney
Waiting on Pacquiao’s scheduling conflicts with his role as a federal senator
Horn, 29, became a national hero with his victory over Pacquiao in July
Queensland government and City Council have right of refusal for the fight”

Here is an exclusive interview from her 50th:

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