Morning Eye-Makeup Nude Look

After poring through plenty of webpages, we came across this dope review at Stylish where these two wonderful ladies get into the nitty gritty of discoloration around the eyes, and how these simple tips can change your routine. For those looking for a speedy eye makeup twist, consider leaving some of your makeup on from the night before and then just touch it up when you are heading to the show or office.

Here at Stylish, we want our readers to look their best 24/7, so we’re taking a page from Us Weekly’s On-Air Correspondent Christina Garibaldi’s playbook for our video series Morning Makeup Tip. Garibaldi gets glam daily for the cameras, learning the easiest tips and tricks while she gets her makeup done.

In today’s video, Garibaldi gets the scoop from makeup artist Karla Duarte on how to prep your eyes for the no-makeup makeup look
Morning Makeup: How to Prep Eyes for No Makeup Look
Morning Makeup: How to Prep Eyes for No Makeup Look
Duarte shows Us the easiest way the best ways to ensure that your eyes still sparkle, even when you are trying to look like you aren’t wearing any makeup.

To see Garibaldi’s full glam session watch the Facebook Live below!

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