Shakira Stays Strong

Rolling Stone writes:

“Shakira released a sweeping single “Nada” from her 11th studio album, El Dorado, out May 28th. The undulant ballad, sung entirely in Spanish, features the familiar gallop Shakira has honed in songs as early as 2001’s “Poem to a Horse,” to her 2014 hit, “Empire.”


Shakira’s 6 Greatest ‘The Voice’ Moments
The Colombian diva previewed the album with several other songs including her hit “La Bicicleta,” “Comme Moi,” “Deja Vu” and more recently, “Chantaje,” with 22-year-old reggaeton singer Maluma. The track list reveals that the pair will also duet on new song “Trap.””

And from her release party:

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