Paris Hilton “Do You Think I’m Sexy”

New song from Paris Hilton “Do You Think I’m Sexy” is starting to trend across the interweb, as the inconical heiress and wonder woman has put some more energy and focus into her musical career. While trying to re-brand herself is always a challenge, especially since she has been categorized by the media in so many different roles across the decades, that being a DJ and rockstar, is one of the new roles that people will just have to get accustomed to.

In fact, Paris has done so many different things in her lifetime, that if someone were to be interviewed on what and who Paris is, the responses would greatly vary. Some may say she is a perfume inventor, real-estate tycoon, model, actress, investor, business woman, gas jockey, slut, bitch, whore, and many other names, but the fact is that Paris works hard, and her music a testament of how awesome she is.

So, let’s take a look at this new song, and see what you think. Do you think Paris Hilton is sexy?


She also has many other tracks from her Paris album, which she has shared with her fans.

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