#kisserspace call for investors / acquisition

The #kisserspace brand is seeking commercial investors to either acquire an interest in the brand, or acquire the brand completely, as part of an outreach campaign. The proposal would include the licensing and acquisition of the #kisserspace fashion line, brand identity, and historical marketing and development activities to the interested parties.

The goal of the acquisition would be to provide interested investors with the opportunity to build on the existing brand.

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While the brand has had some success reaching out to models and celebrities in the past, it is noteworthy to understand that an agency or commercial operator would be much better positioned to develop the brand’s identity with an existing model base, or fashion line. Some potential parties of interest could be modelling agencies, fashion lines, or manufacturing and distribution channels.

While the terms of the deal would have to be negotiated, the interested party would be able to either continue the writing and development of the kisserspace.com site from arm’s reach, or acquire the site, and do a re-brand based on internal corporate strategy.


It is expected that the brand would be able to gain international recognition within a couple years, and allow modelling agencies an internal ownership option on a fashion line that could be promoted by their models. This concept creates value for the models, as well as the Agency because of it’s proprietary rights, and offers international value for both the stock price, as well as international recognition using a variety of social outlets.

Given the malleability of this brand, we expect to find a commercial partner by early 2018.

For more information, email robert.chernish@gmail.com regarding the development of this project.


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