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What exactly are Lubricants and why are they so important?

Well to explain it I am going to use a story.

_ In your kitchen you have this old drawer, that screeches and moans whenever you try to open it. And then you go to the garage and get a bottle of Q20 spray a little and the drawer moves again? Well the drawer is the penis, the whole is your vagina, and the Q20 is your lubricant!

Extracted from Adult Shop SA blog:

 Whether you know it or not, Lubricants are probably the one of the greatest things you can do for your sex life. Lubrication can prolong sex sessions and is perfect for quickies as it eliminates the need for your girl to get wet first. Many girls also take ages to create enough natural lubricant – so lube is the answer! Lubes improve your own masturbation…

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