My Mom’s Near Death Experience – In Her Own Words

Wow, what an amazing story.


*Before we jump into tonight’s amazing story (I can say that because it’s not mine 🙂 ) I have 2 quick announcements.

  1. Thank you to everyone who has bought my book, Bloom. I am so humbled by the incredible feedback you’ve been sharing with me. It really means a lot. And there are still copies available if you or a loved one could use this wonderful journal.
  2. Secondly, I did something. Every day, I get, no joke, probably around 10 emails asking me how I got 31,000 subscribers. And so I’ve put out an ebook called My Blogging Tips. And I’m not at all saying I’m some sort of “expert” or something – no way! But I have found some strategies that have definitely been beneficial, so I’m sharing them with you 🙂


Where do we go when we die?

That’s the question…

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