Dain Yoon – #Makeup #Artist #Extraordinairre

If you think you know how to do makeup, you are probably full of yourself. You actually think you know how to do makeup, but you have no style, and your technique is awful. If you want to get in the mode for some real style and artist beauty, then you better take a look in the mirror and get creative like the master mistress Dain Yoon.

Dain Yoon was recently featured on Ellen, where she showcased some of her artistic talent’s and proved to the world that going out of the box is actually worthwhile, and getting creative with makeup is just one way to show the world that you are not a loser, and willing to go your own way. Who cares if you have 6 eyes on your face? Or maybe you want to draw a hole in your face with stitches and look like a zombie?


Whatever your makeup skills are, it is likely that Dain Yoon could school you in how to become a better artist, and improve your technique.

Let’s take a look at Dain Yoon and her awesome works:

Besides having an amazing technique, she is also very beautiful.

Take a look at her twiiter to get more inspiration and excitement.

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