Paris Hilton Engaged to Chris Zylka

Nothing proves that time flies faster than Paris Hilton getting hitched to Chris Zylka, whom she has been with for just under a year. The two are wild and wet when it comes to getting it on, and have been seen having tons of fun, including doing dress-up parties on Halloween, going to concerts and shows, and just having a sweet time.

But don’t worry Paris Fans, even though Paris is tying the knot, she is still doing some sexy videos for her fans, as she released this one about 9 hours ago to prove that she is still sexy and racy as ever and will always be willing to show how hot she is to her fans even if they can’t have her! Good boy Chris on landing a gem of a beauty and cheers to your new marriage from the #KISSERSPACE team!

Check out the size of the rock on Paris Hilton!!

And nice kissing style too!

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