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Dear Models,

Tag your photo before January 25!

As #kisserspace fans know, we have been in the works for a model search for over 3 months for our new #kisserspace app, which is now moving forth to production in the coming weeks, and should be ready for download by March!

At this point, we are looking for one or two female models who will simply be used as a model for a cartoon image for our app!

All our developers will need is a few images to make a cartoon mockup of the photos, so we can create the #kisserspace digital girlfriend mobile app.

To qualify for submissions, simply use the hashtag #kisserspace on instagram, facebook, or twitter, and we will contact you with details.

At this time, we are paying $20 for each photo that we use to develop the app.

For more details, or to submit private photos, or learn more about the app, email robert.chernish@gmail.com for details.

#kisserspace mobile app

The app will be in cartoon format, but we just need some sketches to work off.


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