#Bluemoon #Eclipse #Supermoon

The moon is set to do some amazing things on Wednesday as it is the second full moon in January, is doing a Lunar Eclipse, and also at it’s closest point to earth for a long time.

Maybe stay up later than usual to catch the glimpses of the moon as it undergoes it’s strange transformations, rent a telescope, or gear your camera on a tripod for some excellent shots!

QZ.com writes:

“On Jan. 31, in the early morning hours in the Western Hemisphere and the evening in the Eastern, a visible supermoon—what we call a full moon at its closest orbital point to Earth—will coincide with a total lunar eclipse. As the second full moon of the month, it is also a blue moon.

The celestial trifecta hasn’t happened in 152 years.

During a brief window of time—about five hours—the moon will cycle through several phases as it passes into and back out of perfect alignment with the Earth and sun. Viewers from eastern Asia through the Pacific to western North America will be in the moon’s path of totality. Viewers in eastern North America, eastern Europe, and western Asia will also catch a partial eclipse. Check this interactive map for more information on which phases of the eclipse you will be able to see.”

Your minute-to-minute guide to Wednesday’s rare super blue blood moon

Here is how the eclipse will look at various stages:

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