Alina Zagitova, Evgenia Medvedeva Story

The Crew here has voted Alina Zagitova the PyeongChang Olympic VIP/MVP, giving Russia a Gold and a Silver.

The real story is the one between Alina and Evgenia, and how they can change the world with their skating ability, and it’s ability to inspire and show the tougher side of competition and human relations, capturing all the emotions of hard work and dedication between team-mates who have to compete against each other at the Olympics, and the fact that they trained together makes it even more interesting.

Having been stripped of many golds before, Alina’s medal is a nice win for Russia, and the drama with her team-mate for the Gold and Silver finish was a heartbreaker for poor Evgena, around the world, as the young rising star put her friend into the Silver Medal position.

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