National Kissing Day, July 06, 2018

There still needs to be some guidance on whether National Kissing Day will be on June 23 or June 24, or July 06.

Google has it pegged as June 24, but most of the image searches display July 06.

Buy a #KISSERSPACE Long Sleeve for the event and tag yourself using the #KISSERSPACE hashtag to win some free swag!

Remember, if we see the #KISSERSPACE hashtag, we might do a shout out and share your kiss with the world.

So go on, have a good time and start using the #hashtag to get featured and win!!

All of our contests have been complete failures, so will a hot model please step up to the plate and start kissing some turtles or dogs or something so we can start dishing out some swag.

Leave a #KISSERSPACE comment

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