Unostartup – Your Source For Talent

    Dear Human Resources, Staffing Professionals, and Startups

Are you tired of dealing with sites like Freelancer and Upwork, where you have to jump through hoops, cut red tape, and register a 1000 different things before actually getting your project started?

The first thing you should do is register as an affiliate at Unostartup if you are any way related to Human Resources or a Staffing Professional.

Let me introduce you to Unostartup, a new and innovative way to get your project started.

When you visit the Unostartup page, you are able to view the talent pool that has been refined over time to provide some of the best candidates in the world. In fact, one of the main problems with other freelance staffing sites is the overwhelming response to job ads by underqualified and non-qualified individuals.

At Unostartup, you are given a highly specialized talent pool to recruit from, and are able to establish your project right away:

1. Browse our Marketplace
Explore the store to find the perfect match for your project. Whatever the technology you are looking for, we have it! You can search by Industry or Technology. Free access to every profile so you can get a detailed view of the freelancer experience.

2. Find your Perfect Match
After you have found the perfect match for your needs, select the period and engagement type. You can hire a freelancer for 10, 20 or 40 hours per week depending on your needs the availability of the freelancer.

3. Kickoff Call within 24 Hours
Once the order has been placed, we’ll get in contact with you to sign the contract and schedule the kickoff call for the next day (or the next week or month – yes! you can make a reservation too).

4. Continuous Communication
We’ll make sure to keep a wide communication channel to ensure everything is progressing smoothly. Don’t worry about silent gaps or miscommunication issues; remember, we are experts!

On the page, you are able to shop a range of talented professionals, but most of them are high-level experts.

Go on, take a look!


There are also many filters you can choose from when making your selection:

Aerospace and Defense
E-Commerce & E-Payments
Financial Services
Media & Entertainment
.Net Developer
AI Engineer
Android Developer
Angular Developer
Blockchain Developer
C++ Developer
Data Scientist
Data Visualization Developer
Front-End Developer
Full Stack Developer
iOS Developer
Java Developer
JavaScript Developer
Machine Learning Engineer
Matlab Developer
Node.js Developer
Python Developer
R Developer
Solidity Developer
Xamarin Developer
Enterprise Developer
Mobile Developer
Web Developer

And wait, make sure to join the Affiliate program prior to making your hire, as then you will be able to qualify for a 5% discount on your purchase!

Even if you are not making a purchase/hire today, it still pays to join the affiliate program and share your link with your HR partner, or hiring team, and earn 5% on their purchases.

Here is the link to register for the affiliate program.

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