Some Fun Sex Positions #DIY #sexhealth


Has everyone had their recent dose of love?

If not, maybe you are due to get laid. First, you need to know what you are doing. If you are like us, and never get any action, then you will want to do some research on how to get down and dirty when you are in the moment.

First, we look to Men’s Health for the 45 Best Sex Positions:

Go to this article and watch the video about orgasms:

Next we take a look at the Pretzel Dip over at Women’s Health Mag:

Casee also has some awesome outfits and always puts on a show. Make sure to follow her channel:

Wow! Does she ever have bit tits!! What a sexy blonde!!!

And here is a video for the guys that have a smaller penis, because hey, you want to make some liquids come forth also, correct?

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