Back To School Fashion 2019

First of all, there are a few things that you need to know about Back to School Fashion.

First, you will be nervous no matter what you have. All you need to do is find some good friends and make sure to go to school the day before, or super early on the first day so you can get a good locker choice.

Now back to fashion, get some good cheap accessories, like necklaces, glasses, sunglasses, and stuff for your hair so you know how to makee yourself look different and can hide behind your accessories if you are having a bad day. A big pair of glasses will usually do the trick.

Next, don’t break your budget on shoes, since you can get some cheap ones, but have at least one good pair, even if you just have to change from flats to gym shoes at break time.

Buy a crap load of cheap shirts, and wear them like you just don’t care.

Buy mostly jeans, but have a couple pairs of slacks, and dresses, but remember winter is coming and it is better to be conservative since if you want you can always cut up your jeans or dresses and go for a trashy look later on if you want.

Have a couple hoodies on hand just to roll around in during lunchtime if you are going outside or plan on doing any sports at lunch.

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