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Hey Everyone!

It is that time of year again! Fashion design time.

We are getting ready for our Spring/Summer Fashion Rollout, and invite all designers to consider some submissions for our contest.

Winners will receive an official stake in the #kisserspace fashion brand, netting them 20% of all profits on the online and merchandise sales, as well as a $250 Cash Payment!

Runners-up (2nd and 3rd) will receive $100 Cash Bonus, and 20$ of all profits from their online garment sales.

We admit that our previous designs from 2016-2017 didn’t produce much revenue, and were only good for wearing around the house as pajamas, but nevertheless, we will continue to develop the line, and create something attractive for men and women of all ages.

For men, we will continue to keep the #kisserspace long-sleeve as a generic sports our outdoor line, and for women, we will keep the unisex #kisserspace hashtag long-sleeve, but also want to create some sexier pieces for a night out, as well as any lingerie, summer skirts, or other concepts.

All submissions can be emailed to kisserspace@gmail.com

Deadline is December 31, 2018.

Use the #kisserspace hashtag and get a shoutout!

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