Eddie Bass: Legacy of the Beast Video Game Made In Likeness of Steve Harris

The Legacy of the Beast Tour has been turned up a notch since closing in 2018, but the Legacy of the Beast video game is the spawning outcome of the 40th anniversary of Iron Maiden playing together.

In this epic killer game, you get to live through iron maidens music hunting and killing for gain.


Much like the deadly lyrics that Iron Maiden used to create and define the metal genre, the game has a long way to go before it gets to the console stage.


Some rumours have put it on the level of Diablo as a possible future rpg, but there’s no saying where it will go.

The preview looks like a nice addition to the game and Harris had plenty of adjustments


“Better looking than me.

I’ve worn shorts for the last 15-20 years.

Then you need to make those changes.

Crest on the vest.

Overall, it looks great.


It seems like the characters are still being developed, but a very cool sexy outcome looks like it could be brewing and sure that this game will be an epic merger of music, gaming, and literature.


The Iron Maiden literature encapsulation cannot be undermined and may be the best use of epic poems and literature into music.



Can’t believe these announcers just ask him questions, and don’t realize how influential albums like powerslave and afraid to shoot strangers is.




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