Mythica Movie Marathon

The concept of role-playing game characters comes to life as the Mythica Trilogy gives insight on how video game characters, and traditional fantasy novel characters come to life in a rpg movie.


The movies play out like a series of books where the audience is given a chance to get to know the beliefs and subtleties of each character as the plot unfolds.


Visual elements such as dragons and giants, often depicted in traditional fantasy lore comes to life in the motion picture.


Inside elements of humour are drawn upon to relay consciousness to the viewers about the specific intent of the movie to present the genre as a form of spirited and genial mastery.


The presentation of space, place, and beauty, as well as testimonies to mythical creatures and magic  make this one of the best fantasy trilogy movies to watch again and again.\\


Start out with A Quest for Heroes and let the adventure begin!




I watch all these on Amazon Prime, but you can probably watch on Netflix if you dont have Prime.

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