Treasures from around the world #kisserspace

Always had a passion for archaeology, but never had the chance to study it?


Step aside Indiana Jones, as Google has now started their open heritage project!







In collaboration with

Preserving our shared heritage

Unlocking the world’s iconic sites with 3D modeling

John Ristevski, Chairman and CEO of CyArk, on how people are digitally preserving the wonders of the world

What is preservation?

The world’s cultural heritage faces many threats, but it can be protected

Watch how people around the world are preserving our shared history

Digitizing iconic monuments

Amazing places that have been damaged by war and modern development


Capturing the Tomb of Tu Duc and Complex of Huế Monuments

The eternal resting place of the emperor which was damaged during the Vietnam War


Fly into the Tomb of Tu Duc in 3D and see it from the inside

Fun fact: on the stele, Tu Duc wrote a 5,000 character epitaph about mistakes he made in his reign

On the frontlines against cultural destruction in Syria

Khan As’ad Pasha

An iconic Ottoman trading site

Syria’s Khan As’ad Pasha in 3D

Bimaristan of Nur al-Din

12th-century site of Islamic medicine

A virtual stroll through Bimaristan of Nur al-Din in 3D

Al Azem Palace

Top Damascene architecture

Ananias Chapel

Christian church in the heart of Damascus

Take a virtual pew in The Chapel of Saint Ananias

Hammam Nur al-Din

The 12th-century Syrian bathhouse

Explore the Hammam Nur al-Din as if you were there

Madrasa al Jaqmaqiya

An early Islamic school

The Madrasa al Jaqmaqiya in 3D

Sacred sites at risk

3D modeling temples, churches and religious sites around the world

Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral

One of Mexico’s most famous sites

The Cathedral’s Altar of the Kings in 3D

Temple of Apollo Portara

The Greek site at risk from tourism

See the unfinished temple like never before

Church of St. Sophia

On the shores of Lake Ohrid

Fly inside the Church of St. Sophia in 3D

Lukang Longshan Temple

12th-century Buddhist sanctuary

The roofs of Lukang Longshan in 3D


The Heart of Neolithic Orkney

Capturing a 5,000-year-old ceremonial center

Discover the temples of Bagan

See first-hand how digital conservation is helping to preserve the city’s earthquake-damaged temples


Discover the temples of Bagan

The ancient city once home to 10,000 temples


Bagan’s Eim ya kyaung Temple in 3D


The 2016 Earthquake

The story of rapid-response preservation


Workers climb the Bamboo scaffolding built around the damaged temples in Bagan, Myanmar.

Statues, sculptures, and amazing artifacts

Beautiful objects you can pick up, turn around and explore in 3D

Waitangi Treaty Grounds

Meeting place of Māori chiefs and the British Crown

A 3D model of the Ngātokimatawhaorua war canoe

Chavín de Huántar

A Pre-Inca religious center

A carved stele of the supernatural being Lanzón

Templo Mayor

An Aztec temple in Mexico City

A stone Chacmool figure in 3D

Jaulian, Pakistan

A Buddhist monastery on the Silk Road

A 3D model of Jaulian

Caves, cliffs, and rock art

Going underground in 3D models of these hidden spaces


Digitizing the rock art sites of Somaliland

Preserving the oldest rock art in Africa for future generations


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