RARE Art Auction – SDC Shoe Co and Utmost Collaboration

Hey there, R.A.R.E here. Oops! In our last email, we had a technical issue and the Buy button didn’t link!
(Original email below)
We’re proud to present two photos by Giancarlo D’Agaostaro: one of which will be featured in an upcoming ad for a DC Shoe and Utmost collaboration.
The photos are of Utmost team rider Eric Valladeres, which features him nollie-heel flipping a 9-set at Belmont High, as well as performing a backside flip over a table in Los Angeles.
Both photos are currently available for purchase in limited sets of 10 on RAREart.io, which comes with a physical 11×14” print. (We’ll email you to collect shipping info)
To round out our R.A.R.E (irl) series, we invited Utmost to curate a collaborative art show at Black Iris Gallery (321 W Broad St Richmond VA 23220). (Where these photos will debut).
If you’re in the DMV area, you can RSVP here.
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