Capture your pride with Nicky’s new shoe line

It is time to be the queen of your pride and express your inner tigress with Nicky’s new show line. Lost soles can never be found, so it is time to seriously get these shoes on your radar. With a wide selection of flats, these printed shoes are designed by Nicky Hilton, one of the most superior designers this world has ever seen.


Check out her site here:


Featured here are the Paris- Red Cheetah’s, a flat shoe that is designed to be worn with a romper or around the house as a stylish comfort piece.

Paris – Red Cheetah


Also included in Nicky’s line are a range of stiletto and high heel shoes that contain small bows on the side, as well as sleek superior designs.



Make sure to bookmark Nicky’s shoe site for the up and coming 2020 line, as well as more information on Nicky’s new business partnership with Paris, with more details to be released at time of signing.


Nicky also works with French Sole as a lead designer, where you can shop endless collections:

Nicky Hilton x French Sole




Make sure to follow Nicky on Twitter:


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