#Halloween Fun At Home

Foreground: A person in a witch hat surrounded by music notes is hanging a string banner of pumpkins on a wall. Background: A woman in a princess costume surrounded by bats puts plants into a vase Get into the Halloween spirit at home Happy haunting! Be ready for fright night with help from Google. Just say, “Hey Google” Solve an eerie brain-teaser with just your voice. “Tell me a
Halloween riddle ” Find your perfect costume with a short quiz. ” What should I be
for Halloween?” Sing, hum, or even whistle a song to get help finding it ghastly fast. “What’s this song? ” Master your jack-o’-lantern skills with a tutorial. ” Show me how to
carve a pumpkin
on YouTube” Remember to get snacks for a scary movie marathon. “Add popcorn to
my shopping list ” Haunt your house with just a few magic words. Try it with smart lights to get really spooked.
Shop smart lights » ” Hey Google,
let’s get spooky” Experience hair-raising horror stories from Nightfire Enjoy free, exclusive audio horror shorts from your favourite masters of horror and Nightfire. Listeners can hear up to 27 stories, 9 of them original—all of which are sure to scare. “Hey Google, read Come Join Us
by the Fire Season 2″ Discover what else you can do »

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