#Kisserspace (KISS) Shares

Buy our shares and receive dividends from the #KISSERSPACE brand and mobile app revenue.

Our Long Sleeve T-Shirts are doing well, and now our online app is moving forward from concept to prototype for listing on the sony play store.


Profits from the sales of the shirts and mobile app will go to shareholders of the KISS stock.

By Q2, Q3, of 2019, we hope to have international brand franchise establishments developed through social media, brand marketing, and increased online sales through our mobile app platform, which will be the core payouts for KISS dividends. All profits from the Brand go to shareholders.


Our profit margin is set low during this introductory phase so that greater outreach and brand awareness/recognition can be achieved.


Alcurex.com TICKER: KISS

Total Issue: 775,000 Units

Shares are non-voting, dividend eligible from any revenue generation from the #kisserspace brand.


The business plan for #kisserspace is to continue to develop a style and content site on current events, pop happenings, and other top attractions in style and culture, and pairing these messages and imaging to the #KISSERSPACE Brand Fashion Line, and Kissing Application, which will be the primary source of revenue, and offering Shareholders a chance at profits on ROI through sales of merchandise in the long term.



Developers are encouraged to by our stock on Alcurex and take part in our long-term revenue as shareholders, and get a larger portion of the project during development phase before increased revenue brings price increases.

We are currently looking for models to develop our marketing content, and then will be submitting applications to distributors for production and retail sales. To become a model on our app, and earn royalties from downloads, then please email robert.chernish@gmail.com an expression of interest, and we will send you an application form and a shoutout for online votes! OR Simply use the #kisserspace hashtag and we will check you out.

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